Fairfield Student Life

Welcome to the NXTGEN Experience…
A Worship and Praise service just for YOUTH!

Here is what you need to know for the NXTGEN Youth Experience:

  • Potty trained to high school seniors ONLY
  • Service is held 2nd & 5th Sunday of each month at 9:30 AM in the Micheal Benton Family Life Center
  • Service includes a full worship experience, fun, games, and refreshments
  • Attire is casual
  • Face masks are optional
  • Don’t forget tithes and offering
  • The last four digits of your mobile number will serve as your child’s code (if you see your number displayed on the monitors in the Son’s House, please report to the life center; code will also be used to retrieve child at pick-up)

NXTGEN Youth Service Drop off and Pick up

All parents/guardians will need to escort their child/ren inside the Family Life Center to drop them off.  No parents/guardians will be allowed beyond the lobby of the Family Life Center.  Drop off will begin at 9:15 AM, no child should be dropped off prior to that time. 
All children will be dismissed to their parents from the side door adjacent to the parking deck.  Pull up in your vehicle and provide your child's name to our NXTGEN Staff. This will be necessary for all children 18 and under. NO child will be allowed to walk themselves to The Son's House.
Parents/guardians should consider parking on the top level of the parking deck to make it easier to retrieve your child/ren.
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NXTGEN Campus Life
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NXTGEN Youth Choir

NXTGEN Youth Choir is available to youth potty-trained to high school seniors. NXTGEN Youth Choir ministers on 3rd Sundays in the Main Sanctuary - "The Son's House" during the 9:30 AM Service. 

Micheal Benton
Academic Excellence Program (A.E.P)

The Micheal Benton Academic Excellence Program (A.E.P.) established in 1992 to recognize the youth of Fairfield. 

A.E.P. Wednesday Tutorial

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25 Days of CHRIST-mas

NXTGEN is preparing for the 25 Days of CHRIST-mas taking place on Sunday, December 17 during the 9:30 AM Worship Service in the Son's House.


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